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Vintage inspired home furnishing and accessories

ERP: Sage 100

Improving business processes for internal & external customers


An improved bottom line with a streamlined credit card, tradeshow POS, and shipping process!

“REPAY was the only processor willing to meet our requirements.” -Eric Esterkin, COO of Go Home Ltd.


Home Furnishing company thanks REPAY for helping them become more efficient.

Enhancing Sage 100 with 3 Great Solutions

“Our customers’ expectations have changed over the last several years with the help of companies like Amazon. We enjoy our Sage 100 solutions but from time to time we need to enhance and expand the functionality with 3rd part solutions,” stated Eric Esterkin, COO of Go Home Ltd. Go Home designs and imports unique
home furnishing and accessories that make you excited to go home each and every day.

“REPAY provided the best rates, next day funding, and an integration that had the same look and feel of Sage 100 - exactly what Go Home was looking for.”
Eric Esterkin,
COO of Go Home Ltd

Integrating Credit Card Processing with Sage 100

As Go Home continues to grow their portfolio of offerings and client base, they realized they needed to differentiate themselves not just with their offerings, but also with the way they service their clients.

“During this process we realized that we needed to offer several different payment options to our clients,” stated Eric.

Go Home had been utilizing a credit card processor that provided them with competitive rates, but did not provide them a pathway to integrate their processing services into their Sage 100 solution. They started looking for a better way to handle the increasing manual tasks as credit card volume grew. In the Sage 100 world there are several choices, but one solution quickly caught the attention of the Go Home team. In doing their research, they realized that REPAY was the only processor willing to meet their requirements. “REPAY provided the best rates, next day funding, and an integration that had the same look and feel of Sage 100,” stated Eric.

Ensuring PCI-DSS Compliance with RepZio

Once again as the world changes the buyers change with it. Go Home needed to find a Tradeshow POS that would allow them a clear path to working with Sage 100 to ensure PCI-Compliance. “We need a solution that would tokenize the credit card data and hand off to Sage 100 and work with the REPAY credit card processing integration. RepZio provided us that ability along with new functionality that we can utilize for the foreseeable future. It is always nice to run one system instead of two,“ stated Eric.

Credit card data protection is one those things you do not win awards for doing, but not doing this correctly can be a disaster for your company. RepZio and REPAY are working together to ensure that the customer can provide their credit card information at a tradeshow or if a sales representative is visiting the client in person, all the while knowing their company/personal credit card data is protected.


Improving Shipping with StarShip

“There is no doubt the most impactful integration we have done to Sage 100 is StarShip,” stated Eric. The world prior to StarShip was WorldShip by UPS, which was not integrated into Sage 100. Even though WorldShip did improve the processing of the shipments going out the door, that solution did not integrate into Sage 100 which let a gap in the processing of orders and accuracy of each shipment. Once StarShip became a part of our integrated solution with REPAY, the manual processes of the past quickly disapeared. The current members were able to handle four times the amount of orders and improved their order fulfillment accuracy to over 98 percent. “The improvement did not just help our warehouse team, but our accounting team as well,” stated Eric.