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Revolutionizing Accounts Receivable: Unlocking Efficiency and Maximizing Success with Automation

Featuring: Quadient

Quadient's Devon Lildhar and REPAY's Nicole Benitez delve into cutting-edge accounts receivable automation trends, highlighting the perks of streamlining payment processes. They explore time and cost savings, AI-driven cash flow predictions, flexible payment options, and the impact of AR on customer success scores.

Sage 100 in the Cloud and Secure Payments

Featuring: Wayne Schulz

Sage 100 in the cloud is a great option if you're requiring the power and productivity of traditional desktop management software, with the autonomy and security of the cloud. This edition of Lunch Bites showcases Wayne Schulz of Schulz Consulting and the author of the newsletter Schulz Says. He shares his observations of cloud benefits and the advancement of payments. 

Payments Plus Commerce in a Digital First World

Featuring: DCKAP 

The B2B eCommerce space is in full swing with a fast and productive 2022 so far. The latest edition of Lunch Bites discusses how businesses can overcome limitations in B2B sales by leveraging integrated eCommerce solutions that help buyers in our new "socially distanced" world.  David Harper, Vice President of Sales for REPAY, is joined by Karthik Chidambaram, the founder and CEO of DCKAP, a trusted  REPAY partner.

Enhanced Debt Collections Management with REPAY and InterProse Payments Integration

Featuring: InterProse

Every market indicator is giving us signs that we are in for a record-breaking end of year and a big leap into the new year. In this edition of Lunch Bites, Craig Raney, a Partner Account Manager for REPAY is joined by Aaron Reiter of InterProse, a REPAY ARM partner to discuss the benefits our our payments integration. Listen in to hear a bit about the REPAY partnership experience. 

Sage 300 Ecosystem Survey Results help you plan in 2022

Featuring: Robert Lavery & Associates

Leverage industry data to plan for 2022. For this edition of Lunch Bites, we discuss recommendations in response to the results of our Sage 300 Ecosystem Survey.  The Sage 300 Ecosystem Survey was conducted as part of the Key Solutions Summit 2021 we hosted, which is an insightful gathering of expert ISVs, partners, and customers who are focused on achieving success within the Sage 300 ecosystem.

The Right B2B Payment Method with Sage 100 Generates Success

Featuring: Vrakas/Blum  

Every market indicator is giving us signs that we are in for a record-breaking end of year and a big leap into the new year. For this edition of Lunch Bites, we have for you a few healthy payment tips in Sage 100 to help you generate happy customer experiences.

Overcoming B2B Limits with Optimized Payments with REPAY and Herrington Technology

Featuring: Herrington Technology 

The convenience of an open platform and interoperability of a contactless payment system is not a luxury it is now a must have. This edition of Lunch Bites from REPAY shares some tips to overcome challenges you may be facing.